Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Decisions, Decisions. . .

I should note here that I generally go through about a month long period of indecision when it comes to choosing fabrics and trims, going back and forth until finally I've settled on the original idea. Mostly.

The question I posed to myself a while ago was, "Do I want emerald green velvet or purple and gold brocade?" The initial plan was to go with the green and gold brocade I already owned for the forepart and sleeves, using the velvet for the gown. For a while I fancied that regal purple was going to suit me just fine. No, no. I have finally settled on a version of the original. . . of course.

After more indecision, I finally settled on some beautiful trim to place around the neckline of my bodice. It's called "Persian Rug" and is green, gold, and brown. It's hard to see all the beautiful detail online but I am sure it will look stunning against the emerald green velvet and jeweled bilaments. I am purchasing this by the yard from www.calontirtrim.com.

Emerald Green velvet. So pretty in person, especially in the sunlight. Thank you Velvet Moon! www.velvetbags.com

Now, I hit the jackpot with this one. For my forepart and undersleeves I will use this fabulous jade green and gold patterned tapestry from www.iluvfabrix.com. Normally this fabric retails over $100/yard. Thank goodness for sales! Have I mentioned that I am in love with this fabric?

I'll be honest. I haven't really decided what to do about the turned up sleeves yet. I have several options here. I like the idea of playing around with different textures, the velvet, the tapestry, and yet a different one for the sleeves. So I was thinking that faux fur in a brown tone to add another texture and depth to the gown would be a good idea. Another option would be more velvet. I'll keep you posted.

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Nikki said...

Thanks for the link, Bridget - I can't wait to see what you do with this!