Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yup, Definitely Overly Ambitious

(I really don't know why I insist on doing this to myself.) I shall attempt to make an appropriate corset, complete with wooden busk and everything. After reading the directions, I have come to the conclusion that it seems relatively easy. . . and cheap. However, I am pretty sure I shall regret taking on this task once I actually begin it. I think there shall be much cursing to come.

Oh well, if one wants a beautiful Tudor gown, one must have the appropriate underclothing.


Lori said...

Hi Bridget!
we love love love your blog! its so fabulous and extremely you! you are so creative! we miss you like crazy, and wish you would come and see us, we understand you are busy but you must must must make time for your cousins. See you hopefully soon, your sweet sweet sweet cousins, Olivia, Elizabeth, Lily, and the best of all,Grace

Lori said...

hey bridget,
its elizabeth your cousin and i just wanted to say that grace is not the best but Elizabeth jack and lily are so make sure you tell grace that she stops saying she is the best because she is not the best. so love ya byebye,
the best Elizabeth jack and lily

Lori said...

hi bridget
sry to bother you again but uncle nole made me type that he is the best (but everyone in the world knows he is not) so sry to bother you again bye love ya oh yea olivia is the best too.
love elizabeth